October 2020


GC46N0Q BYOB #8 in Denmark  by roymerc

October 2020 for a multi cache published prior to 2015. 

Roy was recently awarded ‘Most Favorited Mystery Puzzle in Oceania’ from Geocaching HQ, and now this!

From Roy himself "This cache is actually basically quite simple, the complications come in when you try to make it foolproof.”
The BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Battery (9volt) and there are many of these within Denmark, however this cache has a unique surprise delivery. 

As the cache listing states do what is obviously necessary and clockwise! 

Roy is now the President of the Denmark Machinery Restoration Group where this cache is located so have faith that they know what you're doing and have probably found the cache themselves. 

BYOB #8 has had 331 finds in the last 7 and a half years with 182 favourite points awarded. Denmark is located in WA’s Great Southern region and by road is 430KM from Perth.  

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